Middle Eastern Turquoise

Turquoise Period SeriesAfter years of research, we finally found a food-safe "Persian turquoise" and here is the culmination of that hunt: pottery recreating or inspired by the 12-13th century pieces in the Freer Gallery of the Smithsonian. See the original inspiration artifacts at the bottom of the page. Like the culture? There are more Middle Eastern wares here. .

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  • 13th C Saljuq inspired mini cupoctopus
13th c. Saljuq inspired Mini
2-4oz handless cup
  • Saljuq inspired mini cupoctopus
  • Saljuq inspired medium cupoctopus
  • Saljuq inspired Foliate Mugoctopus
  • Saljuq Foliate Replica Lg Mugoctopus
  • 1100s Saljuq Replica & Variants Comparisonoctopus

12th c. Miniature Cup, Medium Cup, Mug, or  Replica
2-4oz handless cup, 12-14oz handless cup,
16oz handled cup, OR 20-28oz handled cup
  • Syrian Goat Cup, view 1octopus
  • Syrian Goat Cup, view 2octopus
13th c. Syrian inspired Goat or Ibex Cup
12-14oz handless cup
  • Tile-inspired Cupoctopus
  • Tile-inspired Mugoctopus
  • 2th c. Iranian tile-inspired Platteroctopus
  • Large Islamic Turquoise Pitcheroctopus
  • 1000s Iran Variants Comparisonoctopus

12th c. Iranian tile-inspired Cup, Mug,
Platter, or Pitcher

10-14oz handless beaker cup,
14-16oz handled cup,
12-14" platter, OR 6-8" tall pitcher 
  • Kashan "Harpy" Plateoctopus
  • Kashan "Harpy" Bowloctopus
  • "Harpy" Bowl side-viewoctopus
  • 1100s Kashan Bowl Replica & Variants Comparicsonoctopus

12th c. Kashan "Siren" Bowl Replica
or Plate

7" Bowl OR 8-9" Plate
  • Raqqa Crane Plateoctopus
  • Raqqa Crane Medium Bowloctopus
  • 1100s Raqqa Plate Replica & Variants Comparisonoctopus

12th c. Raqqa "Crane" Plate Replica

8-9" Plate OR 5-6" Bowl
  • Raqqa inspired Pitcheroctopus
  • 1100s Raqqa Replica & Variants Comparisonoctopus

12-13th c. Raqqa-inspired Pitcher
9-11" tall
  • Replica "Fish" Mugoctopus
  • 1100s Seljuk Replica Comparisonoctopus

12th C. Seljuk "Fish" Cup, Mug, Replica Mug, Bowl, or Plate
  • "Chase" Replica Mugoctopus
  • "Chase" Pitcheroctopus
  • 1100s Kashan Replica & Variants Comparisonoctopus

12th C. Kashan "Chase" Replica Mug or Pitcher
20-28 handled cup OR 6-8" tall pitcher 
Click here to see cookie stamp patterns inspired by this, patterns #31-33.

History & Documentation

Freer|Sackler Galleries: the Smithsonian’s Museums of Asian Art
  • octopus
Bowl, late 12th-early 13th century. Glazed clay, H: 7.6 W: 26.6 cm Raqqa, Syria. F1947.8
  • octopus
Bowl, late 12th century. Stone-paste painted over glaze with luster, H: 7.8 W: 17.3 D: 17.3 cm. Probably Kashan, Iran. S1997.113
"...small bowl, adorned with a human-headed bird, one of the most frequently depicted mythical creatures in medieval Persian art..."
  • octopus
Bowl, early 13th century, Saljuq period. Stone-paste painted under transparent glaze, H: 8.9 W: 21.6 cm. Iran. F1967.2
  • octopus
Jar, late 12th-early 13th century. Stone-paste painted in black under turquoise glaze, H: 31.1 W: 21.6 cm. Raqqa, Syria. F1908.136
  • octopus
Jug, late 12th century, Saljuq period. Stone-paste painted under glaze, H: 14.0 W: 14.6 cm. Iran. F1967.3
  • vase
Vase, 12th-14th century, Stone-paste painted under glaze, H: 14.6 W: 12.1 cm Syria. F1904.292
  • octopus
Architectural fragment, 11th-12th century. Stone-paste; painted under glaze, H: 37.0 W: 69.5 cm. Iran. F1908.192

Other sources from various places:
  • Seljuk "Fish" Mugoctopus
Jug, 12th century, Saljuq period. A Collector's Fortune: Islamic Art from the Collection of Edmund de Unger by Claus-Peter Haase.
  • 1100s Kashan Jug, Cleveland Museumoctopus
Jug with Running Animals, 1150-1220 Iran, probably Kashan, Seljuk Period, 12th-13th Century fritware with design in carved and underglaze-painted slip ("silhouette" ware), Overall - h:13.00 w:14.00 cm (h:5 1/16 w:5 1/2 inches) Diameter of rim - w:8.90 cm (w:3 1/2 inches). Edward L. Whittemore Fund 1947.495 Location: Gallery 116 of the Cleveland Museum of Art

"Silhouette" ware continues the tradition of painting with slip (liquefied clay) directly on the white body beneath the glaze. On this jug, thick black slip was applied and then carved with a knife to create the design of running animals and pseudo-script.

Unique & usable, safe for food and drink as well as the modern conveniences such as oven, dishwasher, and microwave. All the designs are drawn free-hand and hand-painted onto the hand-thrown pottery—no molds or stencils used—and our wares are designed sturdy, built to survive years of everyday use.


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