SCA Peerage: The good, the bad, and the double-sided

1-person place setting: Pelican-LaurelFor Service, the Pelican. For Arts, the Laurel. For Chivalry and Martial Skill, The Knight. By Scadian popular request, we have now have a series for SCA Peerages: the Pelican, the Laurel and the white belt of the Knight--and combinations thereof, of course.

Or, for those of the twisted sense of humor, we have the "evil" versions SCA Peerages: the dark Pelican biting the heads off its own young, the Laurel bursting into flames and the white belt of the Knight strangling the Squire caught in its coils--and combinations thereof, of course. (Note: triple peer versions will have the Pelican-Laurel on one side and the Knight on the other. Also, mini cups only have space for one peerage.) Find Rose Pottery here.

Also available are the "two-faced" versions on cups: "good peer" on one side and "bad peer" on the other. Display how your peer is feeling today...

  • Pelican Mini Cupoctopus
  • Evil Pelican Mini Cupoctopus
  • Good/Evil Pelican Mini Cupoctopus
  • Laurel Mini Cupoctopus
  • Evil Laurel Mini Cupoctopus
  • Good/Evil Laurel Mini Cupoctopus
  • Stealth Laurel Mini Cupoctopus
  • Pelican Laurel Mini Cupoctopus
Miniature Cup
2-4oz handless cup
  • Laurel Cup, Beakeroctopus
  • Evil Pelican Cup, Beakeroctopus
  • Good & Evil Pelican Beakeroctopus
  • Good Laurel Beakeroctopus
  • Evil Laurel Cup, Beakeroctopus
  • Stealth Laurel Beaker, Darkoctopus
  • Stealth Laurel Beaker, Blueoctopus
  • Knight Cup, Beakeroctopus
  • Evil Knight Beakeroctopus
  • Pelican Laurel Cup, Beakeroctopus
  • Evil Pelican-Laurel Beakeroctopus
  • Pelican Knight Cup, Beakeroctopus
  • Good Triple Peerageoctopus
  • Good/Evil Pelican Cup, S-sidedoctopus
  • Laurel Cup, S-sidedoctopus
  • Good & Evil Laurel, S-sidedoctopus
  • Evil Knight Cup (knight's belt strangling squire), S-sidedoctopus
  • Good Pelican-Laurel, S-sidedoctopus
  • Evil Pelican Laurel Cup, S-sidedoctopus
  • Evil Triple Peer Cup, S-sidedoctopus
Medium Cup
14-16oz handless cup

Triple Peerage
  • Pelican Mugoctopus
  • Evil Pelican Mugoctopus
  • Good/Evil Pelican Mugoctopus
  • Stealth Pelican Mug, Blueoctopus
  • Laurel Mugoctopus
  • Evil Laurel Mugoctopus
  • Good/Evil Laurel Mugoctopus
  • Stealth Laurel Mug, Darkoctopus
  • Stealth Laurel Mug, Blueoctopus
  • Stealth Laurel Mug, Grey/Purpleoctopus
  • Knight Mugoctopus
  • Good Pelican-Laurel Mugoctopus
  • Evil Pelican-Laurel Mugoctopus
  • Pelican Knight Mugoctopus
  • Laurel Knight Mugoctopus
  • Evil Pelican Laurel Mugoctopus
  • Good Triple Peerage Mugoctopus
  • Evil Triple Peer Mugoctopus

16oz handled cup

Triple Peerage
  • Pelican Bowloctopus
  • Good & Evil Pelican Bowloctopus
  • Laurel Bowloctopus
  • Evil Laurel Bowloctopus
  • Good & Evil Laurel Bowloctopus
  • Good Pelican-Laurel Bowloctopus
  • Good Pelican Knight Bowloctopus
  • Triple Peer Bowloctopus
5-6" across

Triple Peerage
  • Pelican Plateoctopus
  • Evil Pelican Plateoctopus
  • Good & Evil Pelican Plateoctopus
  • Stealth Pelcian Plateoctopus

  • Laurel Plateoctopus
  • Pelican Laurel Plateoctopus
  • Evil Pelican Laurel Plateoctopus
  • Pelican Knight Plateoctopus
  • Triple Peer Plateoctopus
9-10" dinner plate

Triple Peerage
  • Pelican Laurel Platteroctopus
  • Pelican Knight Platteroctopus
13-14" platter

Triple Peerage
1-person Setting
Plate, bowl, & 14oz handless cup
Plate, bowl, & 16oz handled mug
  • Pelican-Knight Plate, Bowl, handless cup setoctopus
Set Option

Triple Peerage
Set Option
Want Peerage or other SCA-themed Cookie Stamps? Click Here.
  • Laurel Wreath Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Pelican Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Rose Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Candle in Window, aka A&S, Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Chirurgeon Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Harp, aka Arts,  Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Crossed Trumpets, aka Heralds,  Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Crossed Swords, aka Marshals,  Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Knight's Chain Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Goblet, aka Summits, Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Rising Sun, aka West, Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Atenveldt Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Four Crescents, aka Caid, Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Ansteorra Badge Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Lion Head, aka An Tir, Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Triskele, aka Trimaris, Cookie Stampoctopus
  • Outlands Cookie Stampoctopus

History & Documentation

The symbols of the three SCA peerage orders (Pelican for service, Laurel for arts and sciences, and Knight for combat and chivalry) also have interpretations outside the SCA: the Pelican in medieval times was thought to feed its young with its own blood and thus was a symbol of self-sacrifice and piety; the Laurel wreath, as worn by Apollo the Greek god of the arts, healing, & light, is even today a symbol of a master's degree. There are a number of symbols for knighthood, and here we incorporated two: a white belt with a Manx or Viking chain pattern on it.

Also available are Redwolf Brooches bearing the same designs:
Round Brooch, Pelican Round Brooch, Laurel Round Brooch, Pelican Laurel

Available via custom order is pottery which bears a heraldic devices in addition to the peerage symbol or symbols. In the case of the "evil" peerages, this has included changing the dead creatures in the pelican's nest, the coloration of the squire or pelican, etc. Some Examples are below:
  • Custom Knight Plate with Heraldry and Mottooctopus
  • Custom Japanese-inspired Porcelian Laurel Bowl and Tea Bowloctopus
  • Custom Stealth Laurel Mug with Anviloctopus
  • Custom Purple Evil Pelican killing Pigletsoctopus
  • Custom Knight 14th c. English Cup with Heraldryoctopus
  • Custon Laurel Plate with Heraldryoctopus
  • Good Laurel Evil Pelicanoctopus
  • Evil Laurel Good Pelicanoctopus
  • Knightly Virtues Cupoctopus
  • Knight's Chain Cupoctopus
  • Blackware mug: "stealth" evil knight laureloctopus
  • Blackware mug: "stealth" evil knight laureloctopus

Unique & usable, safe for food and drink as well as the modern conveniences such as oven, dishwasher, and microwave. All the designs are drawn free-hand and hand-painted onto the hand-thrown pottery—no molds or stencils used—and our wares are designed sturdy, built to survive years of everyday use.


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