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Reannag Teine DragonWe want to hear from you. If you have questions still unanswered, want directions to our next event, or wish to inquire about custom orders, let us know. Email us or Facebook Friend us & become a Fan on Facebook. To find us at an upcoming event, check out our calendar.

Customer Testimonials

"Floor-tested, Viking approved" --the original Viking cup order

"I've been using your pottery for years now--and the only things that have broken were the pieces I didn't get from you." --another traveling merchant

"The plates are beautiful. They loved [the plates]..." --a pair of gift-givers

"...You do wonderful work... and thanks again for making my daughter's and mine holidays brighter." --custom device set in time for Christmas

"GREAT!!!!!!" --custom bathroom tiles

"I just wanted to let you know my friend received the mug and she loves it! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job, it is perfect!" --gifted custom-ordered Macabre mug

"I just got the plate today and it's absolutely beautiful!" --Triple-Raven plate in red ordered at Enumclaw Highland Games

"To all who read these presents be it known that Reannag Teine, proprietors being Elsbeth Cameron and Sarre Greyhand are Royal Potters to Sumayya min Yibna. May all who read these letters know this entity has my protection and full support. Dated this 27th Day of May A.S 46."--SCA scroll from Sumayya min Yibna

"It was fun meeting you and your, "clan" at the games in Pleasanton a few weeks ago... Please thank your son for helping to create so much fun!" --purchaser of two Eyeball monsters

"I just received the goblets. OMG! They are fab, fab, FABULOUS! I love them! The guys are going to love them too. Thank you so much for doing so much work at the last minute! Thank You!" --holiday rush order

"Reannag Teine, Purveyor of Fine Pottery to the Prince and Princess of the Mists"--SCA scroll from Ajax & Uta, 2012

"It is fantastic. It's heavy, it's durable, and it's pretty. I cannot endorse their work enough. Camping or at home, we love the two we have." --FB post

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