Black & White

Using porcelain together with our porcelaineous black clay, these pieces are not something that would have been found in pre-1700s pottery; strongly-colored clays, and particularly very white clays, were too highly valued to "waste" by mixing them with other clays. Each of these start off as a block vertically divided 50-50 black and white clay; all the twisting patterns are formed as the piece is thrown and the clay moves in the potter's hands (see the bottom of the page for a video of the process).

The exact shape & pattern will vary from piece to piece as each is individually hand-made.

If you like the black pottery, see also the other Blackware pottery.

Black and White Color: GreenBlack and White Color: EmeraldBlack and White Color: Mottle GreenBlack and White Color: TurquoiseBlack and White Color: BlueBlackware Color:  GreyBlack and White Color: PurpleBlack and White Color: Red
 Black and White Pattern: Straight Black and White Pattern: Sgraffito Black and White Pattern: Gothic Arch Black and White Pattern: Spiral
  • Miniature B-W Cup 2-4ozMiniature B-W CupMiniature B-W Cup 2-4oz
Miniature Cup, 2-4oz      $27
Glaze Choice
  • 10-12oz B-W Beaker Cup10-12oz B-W Beaker Cup10-12oz B-W Beaker Cup
  • 10-12oz B-W S-side Cup10-12oz B-W S-side Cup10-12oz B-W S-side Cup
  • 16-19oz B-W Mug16-19oz B-W Mug16-19oz B-W Mug
10-12oz Medium Cup or 16 oz Mug
Glaze Choice
  • 5-6 inch B-W Bowl5-6 inch B-W Bowl5-6 inch B-W Bowl
5 inch Bowl     $33
Glaze Choice
  • 7 inch B-W Plate7 inch B-W Plate7 inch B-W Plate
7-8 inch Plate     $41
Glaze Choice
  • B-W SetB-W SetB-W Set

No image yet available
1-person Setting: Plate, bowl, & 10oz cup Set    $100
Glaze Choice
Design on Cup

History & Documentation

Unique & usable, safe for food and drink as well as the modern conveniences such as oven, dishwasher, and microwave. All the designs are drawn free-hand and hand-painted onto the hand-thrown pottery—no molds or stencils used—and our wares are designed sturdy, built to survive years of everyday use.


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