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Reconstructed Warp-weighted Greek look using Reannag Teine weightsAncient warp-weighted looms often used clay weights (see image at left). Ceramic weights also make excellent bobbin weights. Then there are clay beads. Peruse the selection below. .



Bobbin Weights in use (kit not included) 1 oz Disc Weights, set of 10
aka "bobbin weights," disc-shaped pierced weights with stamped design, useful kumihimo braiding and other string-based crafts
Loom Weights 4, 6, or 8 oz Greek Loom Weights, set of 12
Red clay pyramidal loom weights
Weight Size
Greek Spindle Whorl 3 oz Greek Spindle Whorl
whorls ready to be mounted on a shaft as a drop-spindle.
  ...Clay Beads Coming Soon...  

History & Documentation

Display of Greek Loom weights for a warp-weighted loom. Museum display of Greek loom weights for a warp-weighted loom. See Athene's Acolyte for a blog about recreating ancient Greek weaving.
4oz Loom Weights Another image of some of our loom weights in use.

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