Scythian Gryphon

Reannag Teine DragonCertainly a vivid and popular design, the source of this motif is older than many first think: a rare wooden find from around 400 BCE. The small carved piece of Scythian horse tack was grave goods found in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. And, like other wooden objects from the same find, it may well bear traces of the bright paints favored by the Scythians, including vivid yellows, reds, and blues. And while books interpret the design as a griffon, others have called it a dragon or an eagle. More color choices are available on request. .

  • Red Scythian Gryphon Mini Cupoctopus
  • Light Green Scythian Gryphon Mini Cup, all viewsoctopus
Miniature Cup
2-4oz handless cup
  • Red Scythian Gryphon Cupoctopus
  • Light Green Scythian Gryphon Cupoctopus
  • Yellow Scythian Gryphon Cupoctopus
  • Blue Scythian Gryphon Cupoctopus
Medium Cup
14-16oz handless cup
  • Red Scythian Gryphon Mugoctopus
  • Light Green Scythian Gryphon Mugoctopus
  • Yellow Scythian Gryphon Mugoctopus
16oz handled cup
  • Light Green Scythian Gryphon Bowloctopus
5" across
  • Yellow Scythian Gryphon Serving Bowloctopus
Serving Bowl
7-8" across
  • Red Scythian Gryphon Plateoctopus
  • Light Green Scythian Gryphon Plateoctopus
  • Yellow Scythian Gryphon Plateoctopus
8-9" dinner plate
1-person Setting
Plate, bowl, & 14oz handless cup     $80
Plate, bowl, & 16oz handled mug     $85
Set Option

History & Documentation

Documentation on the Scythian Gryphon artifact (PDF).

Unique & usable, safe for food and drink as well as the modern conveniences such as oven, dishwasher, and microwave. All the designs are drawn free-hand and hand-painted onto the hand-thrown pottery—no molds or stencils used—and our wares are designed sturdy, built to survive years of everyday use.


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