10th century Viking

Viking Pottery SetMaking use of our very durable black clay with great thermal-retention properties to replicate the appearance of wood-fired ceramic, these are recreations of pottery that the Vikings may have used around the 10th century, based on archaeological finds & creative extrapolation, then modified for modern use. The exact shape & pattern of sgraffito will vary from piece to piece as each is individually hand-made.

If you like the black pottery, see also the other Blackware pottery.

  • Miniature 10th Cent Viking CupMiniature 10th Cent Viking Cup
Miniature Cup
2-4oz handless cup
Glaze Choice
  • Small 10th Cent Viking Cupoctopus
Small Cup
8-10oz handless cup
Glaze Choice
  • Medium 10th Cent Viking Cupoctopus
  • 10th Cent Viking Gobletoctopus
Medium Cup or Goblet
11-14oz handless cup
Glaze Choice
  • Large 10th Cent Viking Cupoctopus
Large Cup
16-19oz handless cup

This is the most popular of the series.
Glaze Choice
  • Extra Large 10th Cent Viking Cupoctopus
Extra Large Cup
20-28oz handless cup
Glaze Choice
  • 10th Cent Viking Mugoctopus
  • Large 10th Cent Viking Mugoctopus
Mug, 2 Sizes
14-16oz & 20-24oz handled cup
Glaze Choice
  • 10th Cent Viking Bowloctopus
5-6" across
Glaze Choice
  • 10th Cen. Viking Plateoctopus
8-9" dinner plate
Glaze Choice
  • Small 10th Cent Viking Pitcher, Dark & Shinyoctopus
Small Pitcher
6-8" tall
Glaze Choice
  • 10th Cent Viking Large Pitcheroctopus
Large Pitcher / Bottle
8-10" tall
Glaze Choice
1-person Setting
Plate, bowl, & 16oz handless cup
Glaze Choice

History & Documentation

Our research into recreating 10th century Viking pottery (PDF).
"Dark & Shiny" "Blue" "White" "Mottle Green" "Emerald"
"Dark & Shiny" Glazed Viking Cup Blue Glazed Custom-shaped Viking Large Mug White Glazed Viking Cup "Mottle Green" Glazed Viking Cup "Emerald" Glazed Viking Cup
"Gray" "Purple" "Turquoise" "Red"  
Gray Viking Cup Purple Viking Cup Turquoise Glaze on Viking Cup Red Glaze on Viking Cup  

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