Reannag Teine DragonThere be Dragons...

Dragons were one of earliest patterns, and they continue in their popularity, and we are always discovering or designing new variants--as well as creating custom versions for our customers.

Want a dragon cookie stamp? Go to the Cookie Stamp page.

  • Red Dragon Beakeroctopus
  • Green Dragon Beakeroctopus
  • Blue Dragon Beakeroctopus
  • Triple Dragon, Tuquoise, S-side cupoctopus
12-14oz Cup
  • Simple Dragon Mug, Redoctopus
  • Simple Dragon Mug, Greenoctopus
  • Purple Simple Dragon Mugoctopus
  • Coffee Dragon Mug (background colors vary)octopus
  • Triple Dragon Mug, Redoctopus
16-18oz Mug or Small Pitcher
  • Rough Dragon, red clay, green glaze, beakeroctopus
  • Rough Dragon, red clay, Green, S-sideoctopus
  • Rough Dragon, black clay, Mug, Blueoctopus
  • Rough dragon, mug, red glaze, black clayoctopus
Textural Design
Size / Shape
Glaze Color
Clay Color
  • Red Simple Dragon 5-6" Bowloctopus
  • Green Simple Dragon 7-8" Bowloctopus
Bowl (Simple Dragon)
  • Red Simple Dragon Plateoctopus
  • Purple Simple Dragon Plateoctopus
  • Black Simple Dragon Plateoctopus
  • Double-dragon Plateoctopus
  • Triple Dragon, Turqoise, Plateoctopus
8-10" Plate
  • Green Simple Dragon Pitcheroctopus
Large Bottle, Pitcher or Teapot
  • Triple Dragon Plate, Redoctopus
  • Green Triple Dragon Platteroctopus

 11-13" Platter
  • Red Simple Dragon 1-person setting with beakeroctopus
  • Green Simple Dragon 1-person setting with mugoctopus
1-person Setting (Simple Dragon)
Set Option

History & Documentation

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Also available are some of our Dragon patterns on Redwolf Brooches.
Round Brooch, Dragon Turtle Brooch, Dragon

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