Reannag Teine DragonReannag Teine, Gaelic for “star fire” in reference to the kilns’ heat, creates handcrafted museum-quality historical replica and historically-inspired pottery—made to be safe & functional in the modern setting (i.e. food-, dishwasher-, microwave-, & oven-safe). All the designs are drawn free-hand and hand-painted onto the hand-thrown pottery—no molds or stencils used. Our wares are beauty for the everyday.

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10th Century Viking Series Viking Kitty Series Black and White Italian Cookie Stamps Rose Pottery Skull Pottery Isnik Greek Series Octopus Message Mugs SCA Peerage Series Middle Eastern Turquoise Series Middle Eastern Series Uffington Horse Series Matte Patterns Zodiac Series Dragon Series Celtic Triple Horse Series Raven Series Dogs of War & Greyhound Series Viking Sheep Series Macabre Dancer Series Scythian Gryphon Series Custom Heraldry Series Funerary Urns Games & Dice Coloring Books Clothing Redwolf Jewelry Loom Weights

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More than that, we welcome custom orders. Coats of arms, business logos, or unique design requests, we enjoy creating the piece to fill the need. Furthermore, we are accepting requests via email for pieces not yet available online.

What we sell is handmade pottery, which means there will always be natural variations and features to the things we create. It is part of the process. All sales are final. No return shipping labels provided. We are not responsible for any fees incurred for package pick-up for international orders; our shipping fees cover shipping only and not any additional fees charged by the receiving postal service.