Hand-Painted Signs

Reannag Teine also creates hand-painted signs on wood and cloth alike. This is a service intended for those who want or need non-modern signage for their businesses or events, but we also welcome projects to beautify homes and yards as well. We can recreate particular logos or develop a pleasing lettering style for a word. Please peruse the examples of our work and contact us to a quote for your own project. Example pricing for average signs: two by eight foot plywood sign $180, and one by two foot plywood sign $75. .

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Picture Lady Visa & Master Card Accepted
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Example Signage

Ravenwood Shop Sign WMRF: Stage Signs
Daybreak Coffee Decorative Panels WMRF: Queen's Stage
Food Booth Signage "Street Sign"
Customers & Projects Include:
  • The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire: dozens of signs, including but not limited to: signage for stages, embellishing stage backdrops, informational signs, parking, camping, front gate, street signs, etc., ranging is size from one foot to full sheets of plywood.
  • Daybreak Coffee & Crepes: Large and small signs advertising food offered, interchangeable sign segments for seasonal ingredients.
  • Gia's Traditions: Business name sign
  • "Lady Visa & Master Card" signs for faire-going merchants

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