Black pottery

Wonderful for its texture in the hand, as well as its ability to keep your beverage hot or cold longer, there are many reasons to like the blackware. .

If you like the black pottery, see also the 10th Century Viking pottery, and of course you can email for custom blackware pieces.

  • Latin "Not My Circus Not My Monkeys" Mugoctopus
  • Latin "Not My Circus Not My Monkeys" Mugoctopus
Non Meum Spectaculum, non meae Simiae.
Latin "Not my Circus, not my monkeys" Mug
  • Gothic, Dark & Shinyoctopus
  • Staffordshire Inlay, Dark & Shinyoctopus
  • Spiral, Redoctopus
  • Old Celtic, Dark & Shinyoctopus
  • Knotwork, Emeraldoctopus
  • Manx Chain, Blueoctopus
  • Quatrifoil, Whiteoctopus
  • Viking Horse Wave, Blueoctopus
Miniature Cup
2-4oz handless cup
  • Gothic, White, Cupoctopus
  • Gothic, Blue, Beakeroctopus
  • Staffordshire Inlay, Dark, Beakeroctopus
  • Spiral, Mottled Green, Beakeroctopus
  • Old Celtic, Dark, Beakeroctopus
  • Knotwork, Blue, Beakeroctopus
  • Manx Chain, Blue, Beakeroctopus
  • Quatrifoil, Blue, Beakeroctopus
  • Viking Horse Wave, Mottled Green, Beakeroctopus
  • Spiral, Blue, Cupoctopus
  • Old Celitc, Redoctopus
  • Old Celtic, White, Cupoctopus
  • Manx Chain, Dark, Cupoctopus
  • Quatrifoil, Dark, Cupoctopus
14-16oz handless cup
  • Gothic, White, Mugoctopus
  • Rose, Purple, Mugoctopus
  • Spiral, Blue, Mugoctopus
  • Old Celtic, Blue, Mugoctopus
  • Knotwork, Emerald, Mugoctopus
  • Dragon, Blue, Mugoctopus
  • Gothic, Blue, Large Mugoctopus
  • Rose, Dark, Large Mugoctopus
  • Spiral, Purple, Large Mugoctopus
  • Old Celtic, White, Large Mugoctopus
  • Knotwork, Blue, Large Mugoctopus
  • Manx Chain, White, Large Mugoctopus
  • Viking Horse Wave, Blue, Large Mugoctopus
  • Dragon, Blue, Large Mugoctopus
Mug, 2 Sizes
  • Spiral, Blue, Bowloctopus
  • Old Celtic, Dark, Bowloctopus
6-7" across
  • Spiral, Blue, Pitcheroctopus
Large Pitcher
8-10" tall

Glaze Color Examples
"Dark & Shiny" "Blue" "White" "Mottle Green" "Emerald"
"Dark & Shiny" Glazed Viking Cup Blue Glazed Custom-shaped Viking Large Mug White Glazed Viking Cup "Mottle Green" Glazed Viking Cup "Emerald" Glazed Viking Cup
"Gray" "Purple" "Turquoise" "Red"  
Gray Viking Cup Purple Viking Cup Turquoise Glaze on Viking Cup Red Glaze on Viking Cup  

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