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On many occasions we have been asked to make historic-find reproductions. We do so, in the same style as the rest of our pottery. In other words, we re-create the look and feel of the desired era and piece while maintaining the food-safe integrity of our wares. This means we create the look without using toxic or unstable glazes, techniques using raw oxides on food surfaces, or wood- and salt-firing. .

Recreation of Greek Fish Dish
Red-figure Fish Plate, Apulia, ca 335 BCE (original below) Red-Figure Fish Plate

10th Century Viking Series
See our 10th Cent Viking page for more
Custom Greek Kylix
Greek Kylix or drinking bowl (such as below)
Greek Kylix
Middle Eastern Series
See our Middle Eastern page for more (original below)
Greek Oil Jar
Archaic Greek Aryballos or oil jar (original below)
14th Cent English Chamber Pot
14th Cent English Chamberpot (original below)
Medieval Chamberpot 
Italian Portrait Platter
1530s Italian Portrait Plate (original below)
1530s Portrait Plate
Japanese Sake bowl
Porcelain Japanese Sake Bowl
(original below)
Japan Kutani Porcelain Sake Cup Monkey & Okame Guinomi 
Byzantine Bird Plate
13-14th cent. Plate, "Ceramic Art from Byantine Serres" by Papanikola-Bakirtis, Macguire, & Macguire.
Late Medieval Pitcher
Late medieval pitcher from garderobe, p.107 "Pottery in Medieval Southampton c.1066-1510" by Brown
14th Century Tile Stamp
14th Cent English tile stamp/mould, p.34 "English Medieval Tiles" by Elizabeth Eames
3 sizes of Greek Rhyton
3 sizes of Greek Rhytons
Loom Weights
See our Weights & Whorls page for more 
Middle Eastern Turquoise Series
See our Middle Eastern Turquoise page for more
See our Italian page for more
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