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Also, we offer graphic design services. While we may obviously specialize in Celtic designs, we strive to produce designs to the specifications of the customer, whether that is a Celtic humpback whale or a "fun logo using these words and these 3 colors."An outgrowth of our design work, we have created a line of Territorial Heraldry Coloring Books for the SCA Kingdoms. Some of our graphic design work over the years:

B/W Print Ad The Knowne World Atlas  Recipe Business Cards
T-shirt design: Don't Blink
Custom Photo Watermark Hand-painted Pub sign Rockinghorseguy Logo
Hand-lettered Stage Sign Event Program and Map (pdf) Custom Wine Label
Web Banner Ad
WMRF T-shirt Banner Ad: Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire Fundraiser Shirt graphic, screenprinted by Golden Grotto
WMRF Flyer  Chough Logo Dragon Turtle Brooch 
Viking Sheep And Viking Kitty Embroidered T-Shirts    Symphonic Grind Logo Cup 
Daybreak Signage Daybreak Signage  Daybreak Signage 

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