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Reannag Teine DragonYes, we take custom orders. Weather and workload permitting, it could be ready in four to five weeks. (Why so long? Please read here.) Prices vary with decoration and size. No two pieces are ever exactly alike; it is part of their charm. We have done everything from color, size, or weight variations on existing pieces -- to complete dining sets or the replication of historical finds. All are welcome.

How do you place a special order? Email us with what you are interested in, including design, colors, choice of clay, sizes and shapes, types and number of pieces, along with any source information or references pictures. We will reply with a quote and time estimate. Personalized designs must be paid in full when the order is placed. Purchases of custom pieces are final. .

Custom Teag with Landsknecht (personal) Cats Custom Japanese Set. including Heraldry Custom Heraldry Set Italian Portrait Platter Custom Tip Jar
Greek Oil Jar Recreation of Greek Fish Dish Custom Greek Kylix Lots of to-scale Greek loom weights Sculptural Skull Mug
Seljuk Set Lidded "Android" Mugs for WINDRIVER Programmers Heraldry Mug on Black Clay Sea Horse Set Badge Plates
Chinese Dragon as Celtic Knot on a Platter Butter Bell with Viking Motif Tile Mural 3 foot by 3 foot of Drinking Lion, 36 tiles 14th Century Tile Stamp Knotwork Dining Set
Knightly Virtues Cup Italian "ravenish" Goblet Heraldry Set Viking Teag
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